I don’t want to title this one

I write less. And I have written a lot less, lately. No reason. Well, there is one. ‘I can’t think of any topic’ would seem an unreasonable excuse, so this isn’t the one. The real reason is I find my writing uninteresting. No reason. Well, there is one. Those devil numbers. Yes, I judge my writing, and in turn myself, based on those numbers. Until, one of my friends told me not to. He told me,” you write because you like to. If someone doesn’t like it, it’s their opinion.” It was like someone splashed a glass of water in my face.

What he told me was nothing new. I have known it since a long time, even before I started this blog. I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t care how many readers I get. But, with time, that feeling of attachment to numbers set in. It set heavily, so much so that I thought I shouldn’t write. Why would writers write if there are no readers to read their work? After all, it is for them, right? It’s not like the writers write just for expression of their opinions. Wrong. There are n number of writers in this world and not all have the same readers. You can be the best writer in the world and there would still be someone who doesn’t like you or doesn’t like reading at all. That doesn’t mean your writing is awful. And I would tell this to all my fellow writers: you all are good. Writing is just another form of verbal conversation. Do you find yourself agreeing to everyone you talk to? No, me neither. Do you feel the need to make your voice heard to thousands of people at the same time? No, me neither. So do you stop speaking? No, me neither.

Why those numbers seem suddenly important when your form of expression changes from speaking words to typing words?  May be because there is a norm established that your writing will only be deemed good if you have at least 39,842 followers, and most people have accepted this as a fact. And they try to chase numbers. I was one of these. Thankfully, just one sentence changed the ‘is’ to ‘was’. If you, too, give a ton of importance to the statistics, stop right now. This is bad for your writing’s health. You will always try to be funny, try to write 450 words, and try to write short paragraphs, all because these seem the parameters to gain more followers. Where is your expression here? It would be difficult to find. Write what you like, not what you think people will like.

It is funny how one sentence can make you introspect so many aspects hidden deep inside. It surely made me think. And write. From now on, I will write on whichever topic that comes to my mind, without thinking that: “Oh that, no, it might be boring.” May be, but I will write it anyway. Some might not even get it, but I will write it. Why not now for the heck of it! Argghfe wrgtj ergijrgfop  rfjrgfbio  orgfjerkg rgnrbnk efgjrgnk regjn ergnjbjv ejgnvjwrbnoi egjnwjjrejv.

Keep writing, don’t stop!


Nostalgia is evil

I had heard this on Vh1: Those who know the meaning of nostalgia are missing something and those who don’t are missing something too (I love the pun!). While Merriam-Webster describes it as: Pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing that you could experience it again. But often the pleasure we get from remembering the happy events from the past, eventually, turns into sadness. This is because we know we cannot return there. Physics doesn’t allow time travel in the past. May be aliens could impart us that knowledge, if they exist and are more intelligent beings than us. Who am I kidding? It is not possible. Or is it? May be I am writing this article after time travelling from the future, who knows? All right, enough of scientific jokes, let’s get back to the topic now. I am here to tell you why nostalgia is evil.

Nostalgia is an inevitable part of our lives. All of us have experienced it. Even though, nostalgia in itself is not an emotion, it evokes hell lot of them. We fondly remember our childhood, our hometown, hangouts with our old friends, and many such events of our past, but only the happy and cheerful moments. We never feel nostalgic about the sad and tough times. We don’t want to go back in time to relive those times. But then, why should we feel nostalgic about the good times, too, in the present?

Remembering the happy moments of the past today takes away the present moment. Why is there a need to go back in those seemingly happier moments?  Because we don’t like our present as the way it is. Our present is not as enjoyable as our past. If our present is better, we wouldn’t have to remember the past to be happy. When we have as good friends today as we used to have in our childhood, would we feel sad? No, because we would be happy today spending time with our new friends. If the city we live in today is as amazing as our hometown, would we feel the yearning to go back? No, because we would be happy exploring a new city and gaining new experiences.

All those people preaching about living in the present moment are absolutely right in saying so. Even though it is cliché, it is true. Nostalgia can only be curbed by being present here and now. It is in your interest not to experience nostalgia, only if you desire to be happy. If you and sadness gel well, go ahead live in the past, nostalgia is your friend. But I doubt this “you” exists, because everybody wants to be happy. So to enjoy life, it’s better to keep nostalgia at one-light-year distance (I had to include a metric which emphasized time and distance since we are discussing about the past. Astronomy pun, you get it, right!) Lecture is over, students. Go, have a nostalgia-free day!

Whose problem is it?

It’s been a week already since we celebrated the onset of this year. Everyone I know told me how time flies and how the past year ended in the blink of an eye.  Even I am one of those who never feel a year passing by. At the end of the year I always think to myself, “Wasn’t it February just a few days ago?” I try to remember all the moments of the year gone by. It takes some time to digest the fact that 365 days have gone by. Whose problem is it, ours or time’s? Time is slipping away and we can’t do anything about it. Or can we?

This New Year’s eve, I was curious why do I and many others feel about time what we feel.  And it turns out there are too many theories about it. I will not bombard you with all those scientific things here. Briefly, it’s about your perception of time. When you do something that is routine and you do it every day, even after a month you won’t feel you have done anything because each day was so alike. You won’t remember each day as uniquely lived. And after twelve months, you won’t remember a whole year.  Then comes the day to say that same old dialogue (already repeated thousands of times) and wonder how time is flying at light speed.

Those theories also mentioned a way to tackle this nature of time. If we do something new every day then we would have lived each day a bit differently from others. This directly points to a dreadful conclusion: majority of us, we don’t live, only exist. We are stuck up in our old routine doing nothing new and hence we feel time flies, ironically we don’t fathom how it passed. Why would we do that to ourselves? How many articles do we need to make us realize that this is the only one life that we have got? This one better be the last one because now you know the solution to your problem. You know how to slow time down.

2016 will be the year you tamed time. Each day will be like a new friend you hang out with. So at the end of the year, you will have 365 friends (366 in 2016), each one different from the other and so you remember all of them vividly.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t love all of them. Only criterion they should fit in is to be different. You get the analogy. I wish you have a great year with rest of your 358 friends! You didn’t realize we were a week already in 2016, did you? And neither that I wrote this for the second time in this article. Live in the present, what are you doing? All the preaching out of the window, damn.

Joy of self-learning

I had a desire to learn dance since many years. But for one or the other reason, I never did. I searched for a few dance classes, but my work hours did not allow me to join one. Days passed by and I could feel frustration building up. I have given too much control to external circumstances in my life, but not anymore. I thought this was the time to test how much I learned from positive books I have read. I took control of the situation and started to think of an alternative. And I found one, in technology. I downloaded a few videos and started self-learning. This was my first experience of self-learning anything, apart from academics. It was quite tough at first, but I got a hold of it in some time. I realized joy of dancing and self-learning.

It is amazing how even a seemingly small situation can teach you things which can have a large impact on you. I know this will sound cliché but I will say it anyway: a problem remains till you think you have one because each one has a solution too. Problem cannot exist without a solution. It’s like yin-yang; both co-exist. It is only us who let the situation control us instead of us taking the control. I, too, have heard and read all this infinite times but only understood after I had experienced it. This small step of self-learning a hobby taught me that everything is not as out of control as we think. We can always turn the situation into our favour. But what we do mostly is give up too easily because we think we can’t do anything. It’s all in the mind. I could have blamed it on the situation and told myself it was not possible to learn dance along with job. It would have only brought misery to me obviously. Why be miserable when you can be happy? You will be happy when you will do what you want.  And you will do what you want when you are in control of your surroundings. And you may think you are not, but you couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you have given power to external circumstances, take that power back. And if you ever think  you are in a problem, don’t worry. You will get to the solution soon; it only requires some thinking with a calm state of mind.

The way you like

Someone told me, “You have a good writing style”. I didn’t rather couldn’t actually fathom so I just thanked the person. I couldn’t because I don’t know what having a writing style means. I can’t distinguish between styles. I only thought people write whatever they have in their heart. I didn’t know people actually think about the style they want to express their views in.

We all have different styles of writing. One can be descriptive one time and narrative the other, (if at all you know such things exist!) or even a mixture of both. I don’t write keeping a style in mind. I just take my laptop and start typing. Sometimes I write long sentences while sometimes really short. Sometimes I feel like using the most magniloquent and grandiose words there are and sometimes the most lucid vocabulary there could be. So actually I really don’t know my style. I don’t know what style I belong. I don’t think it is necessary to know. I write whatever comes to my mind.

If you don’t have a particular style or just not know if have one or not, don’t fret. You might not adapt a style overnight. You build your style gradually. It’s analogous to your fashion sense at the beginning of your college and the end of your college. It wasn’t overnight, it took time. You would be able to conclude what your style is only after you have written a significant amount of posts. You might not be able to know after, too. It depends on you.

Countless writers and different writing style of each one.  Can they be categorized in just a few categories?  I doubt. And is there a necessity to categorize them into one? I think not. Why to limit yourself when you can write each post differently? Expressing views should be free from boundaries of categorization and classification. What difference it makes if you know your style to your future posts? Just as much as one divided by infinity, that is zero. So style doesn’t matter, keep writing in a way you like. Happy writing!

Life is a garden

Spring will come and along with it blooming flowers,

Your garden will only have a few of them,

And there will be many you won’t even know existence of,

It doesn’t matter, you are never meant to see all anyway.

Not all flowers in your garden will bloom together,

Each will come at their appropriate moment in time,

Not all will stay with you for the whole season,

Some will stay long, while some will be evanescent,

Each one is different from others giving you something unique to remember;

Be it petals: their color, shape or number, or the aroma it spreads, or even thorns,

The memory from each one is exclusive and an experience,

Sometimes the most beautiful flower will be the most poisonous,

Realization comes only after it has hurt and you come to your senses,

And sometimes one with the most ephemeral existence,

Will give you a fragrance you will always cherish when you are conscious.

Only with time, you will learn what each one has to offer,

A lesson, whether good or bad, will always be accompanied,

Treasure and appreciate each flower that is in your garden

Because it will transform you into a person you never imagined.

It’s good to be Number 1

‘Tis the day to be jolly (because we have only two in a week)! It is weekend and I know almost everyone couldn’t be happier. There is a reason behind the word ‘almost’.  You might think who wouldn’t be happy for a weekend? People are weird. This world is full of ‘kinds of people’ and it applies in every aspect of life. When job and weekend are the parameters, I observed that there are four kinds of people in the world. Categories are in reverse order, because it is weekend and I can do whatever I want! Sorry, got a bit carried away. Here they are:

Number 4: Hate work, hate weekend

These people hate everything about life. They hate their job, hate weekend because they might not have a reason to celebrate or people to celebrate. It is deadly to fall into this one. So don’t. I mean never.

Number 3: Love work, hate weekend

Who knew Eminem would be right about love. It is evil because it can make someone hate weekend! It might be unbelievable, but this category can and does exist, although the number may be insignificant compared Number 2. This kind is obsessive about work and feels empty on weekends. Work is their challenge and weekend deprives them of it. Saturday and Sunday, don’t feel bad, because you can’t make everyone happy.

Number 2: Hate work, love weekend

No one likes to be runner-up, yet this is the category where the majority of people fall into. These people are stuck in a job they don’t love and yet continue to do it. Friday is their savior. This kind is the inventor of TGIF. They live every weekend as their last. They would want it to never end. And then comes Monday in the blink of an eye.

Number 1: Love work, love weekend

This kind can be considered the best. They love their job, it means they are doing what they love and following their passion. They have plans on weekend to enjoy things they love, apart from their job. So for them, it’s a win-win every single day. It should be, they are Number 1. Duh!

Everyone should belong in Number 1. It is imperative that we all do, yet don’t. One must love life and not hate any part of it. So why do something for the majority of life you have left to live doing what don’t like, being miserable and desperately waiting for two days of holidays? ‘Follow your passion’ is a phrase that can never be emphasized more. Finding passion is tough, tougher to mix passion and job. We only require the courage to climb this hurdle, rest everything is easy. Almost all of us need literally a categorical shift because we know; it’s good to be Number 1.