What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of? This isn’t a rhetorical question because I know it does have an answer. You know it too. Every one of us is afraid of something. Afraid to take risks. Afraid to say what we want to say. Afraid to express our feelings. Afraid to follow our hearts. Afraid of making a decision fearing it would be wrong.

Scared. Frightened. Terrified. Anxious. Nervous.

An equally important question to ask yourself is: Why are you so afraid?

Do you fear you will fail? Fear they will say no? Fear they will judge you? Fear what if your intuition is wrong? What is holding you back? Why is there a fear to pursue your dreams? After all, it’s only one life that you have. No one else can chase your dreams. No one else can execute your ideas for you. No one else but you can live your life. Yet, you waste thinking and fearing so much. Stop thinking so much, squeezing every situation till the last drop.

And have you ever wondered where do these fears come from?

Our past experiences implant fear in us. And the rest of the times, it is the society that makes us fearful. And we happily accept and imbibe those fears. We don’t even have a hint of doing that. Yes, it is that unconscious and effortless! The fear is so deep-rooted, most of the times you don’t even know it exists. You do not fully believe in your fear. Deep inside, you know you are capable. But the people around you would tell you, you are not. Consequently, you become afraid and you cannot perform in fear. Being afraid makes you weak. People around you now have a “told-you-so” lecture to give you. They got what they wanted. You gave them a chance to do that. You listened to them.  What made you afraid? Mere words spoken by feeble creatures! Why listen to them anyway? Trust me; those nosy inhabitants of this earth do not matter in your life. Not even a bit.

If you want to enjoy and live the life you have always thought of living, lose those inhibitions and fears. Take the path less traveled, let yourself face some failures, let people say whatever they want, let them judge you. Only way to overcome your fears is to face them. And please, do whatever the heck you want to do, always. Have an amazing life!


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