Right from the beginning

It’s a month until I complete my studies and leave my university. So everybody is attending all the classes and isn’t bunking. Yes. You heard it right (even though bunking is a virtue of any student). One of my friends told me not to bunk since we don’t have much classes left to us. He said, “You must enjoy these last sessions, as you wouldn’t get any more after this.” And I wasn’t surprised by his advice. We all cherish moments only at the end. It’s a Universal truth. The last day of summer vacation, the last hour of 31st December, the last piece of cake, the dinner just before you leave for your flight to another country, the last 1% of the battery of your cell phone, the last episode of the sitcom you have been binge-watching, the last 10 minutes of sleep after snoozing the alarm, the last mile of a pleasant long drive, and all such last things. They are all so precious. The first ones aren’t because you know there would be many more to come, the poor ones are taken for granted so much! There is none after the last. So the last one is all you have got.

To understand this, think from the perspective of a moment. Imagine if you were moment “first” and people gave you no importance at all, like you were nothing. And your friend “last” was treated like the king/queen of the world and was worshipped by people. Now how would you feel? Here, in the world of moments, nobody wanted to come first.

Or if you are a math fan, like me, consider this. Say you have (1, 2, 3,…, n) moments to enjoy. But you are enjoying only the nth moment. So you are wasting (1, 2, 3,…, n-1) moments. If only they were infinite, it wouldn’t have mattered, but that’s not the case. They are finite in number. Yet you wasted all but one. My only question is: why?

Why waste them and give them away? You might undervalue them now, but might regret after you lose them. So it’s better to value them right from the beginning. I would say, don’t enjoy moments like they are your last. Enjoy them like they are your first. Make the first, second and every one after that, your best one. If you treasure all your moments right from the beginning, you wouldn’t have to worry about their non-existence. So, from today, give yourself a ‘present’ every moment!


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