Know yourself

This poem is dedicated to anyone and everyone.

Don’t love yourself, for you are full of flaws,
Admire in others what you don’t have,
Look down upon yourself and loathe your existence,
You aren’t slim enough, you aren’t fat enough,
And you’re the epitome of imperfection,
You aren’t smart enough, not strong enough,
You’re going in the wrong direction,
So don’t love yourself, for you deserve only abhorrence.
Adulate others; emulate others, because you are,
were and always will be less than them.

This is what people tell you always and they will forever,
Don’t believe them, for you were imperfect never,
Listen to them and your life is fated to doom,
Their life-goal is to shake you, break you,
Don’t believe them, not once, let them see this flower bloom,
Your belief in yourself is enough to make you,
If only they could be you, they wish and pray,
They criticize you and try to change you, in a way,
So let me give you an advice, if I may,
Give all the love to yourself, no matter what they say.
You must know you are one of a kind,
Those who tell otherwise, give them a piece of your mind!
You are unique, exceptional and exclusive,
Conforming to others is destructive and illusive,
I think you got my point and I need not speak more,
Throw all inhibitions out of the door!
Every day, feel like you have won a prize,
Adore and love yourself, treat yourself nice!

Let nobody tell you who you are and who you aren’t. Show them!


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