Laugh, both ways

There is an ongoing cricket tournament in my college (because ICC Cricket World Cup 2015). In one of the practice session, my teammate came with one of her friend. But she wouldn’t practice until he was gone. She feared her friend would make fun of her game. The coach said a philosophical line to her,”First they laugh at you, and then they drool over you.” I laughed but agreed to his point of view.

But that is not what I want to emphasize here. My point here is some people are scared to be laughed at. Some get angry. Some are too egoistic to not defend themselves.  Some get away with silence during that humiliating time, at least they feel like it. I wonder why it hurts so much when others laugh at you and not so much when you laugh at others. I, for instance, was one of these kinds. I didn’t like being laughed at. When I couldn’t defend myself, I would choose silence. I used to get angry, too, sometimes.

But I am now a changed person, one year and a friend later. My friend has an amazing sense of humour. He can pick a word from your spoken words and use them against you, in a humourous way, of course. Now this is not about him so I would stop here. This is about how he helped me to learn to laugh at myself. He increased the threshold of my tolerance by one level every single time. It was annoying initially, but later it didn’t bother me because I learnt to laugh at myself. That is a liberating feeling. It sets you free you from anger, ego and whatever other negative stuff you have inside you. Moreover, you don’t feel guilty anymore for laughing at others because you do the same to yourself.

We, humans, are complex creatures. If a machine is used again and again, abrasion would affect its performance. But that is not in the way we work. Our bones might wear away with time, but not our brain. It gets better with more and more usage, and so our mental strength to handle situations. The more we face difficulties, the more able we become to tackle them, and better. We learn to tolerate. And we should. That is when growth begins.

I am grateful to my friend for teaching me an important lesson of life. Jokes don’t bother me now. I have come a long way, almost a journey from 0 to 99 within a span of a year and a half. I’ll try to reach 100, too, soon. I only want to convey through this post that some people test your patience, but these are the only people who will help you grow. You think you can’t bear it (and that is just your thinking, not reality), but you can. And soon you realize you have become a better person than before. We are here to become our better selves each day compared to yesterday.So laugh, both ways, on yourself and others!


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