The many options life throws at us

How many times have you in your life said this: “I can’t decide!”? I know, infinite times. Decisions are the toughest part of our lives. They are the heaviest stones thrown at you when you are at your weakest. They are the double-ended sword trying to cut you and drain all your blood at once. It’s analogous to when you are driving in your car, without GPS of course, and you are stuck on crossroads. One of these roads will turn into the largest pits you would have ever seen as you move along. And you’ll die, certainly. Funnily, you don’t know which road that is.  Now make a decision. See how tough that is?

I was never good at making decisions. I couldn’t even decide what to order in a restaurant. Any menu is a few pages long and if I hadn’t been there through a recommendation from a friend, it was even worse. I didn’t have any other choice but to experiment and eat the consequence of my choice. And people asked me to make career choices! Could they have been any crueller? I don’t think so. The problem with making a decision then was that the other alternative always felt better. And every alternative had an ‘other’ alternative. And so I used to get stuck there. The availability of alternatives itself gave me anxiety and the fear of picking the wrong option. I was, always, prepared for the fact that the option I did not choose would be the correct one. And guess what? I always turned out to be right while in fact I was wrong.

My decisions always became what I let them become. Whatever I chose, I did not put my heart into it because I always thought what could have been had I chosen the other option. Would it be better than what it is now? That regret destroys the immense possibilities that the present has to offer. And we all know Mr. and Mrs. Regret. Well, they aren’t the nicest people to live with. They live with you for the rest of your life but give you nothing in return.

After all these years of making the wrong decisions, I think I now know how to take the right ones. That’s because there are no right decisions. You make them right. And while you may have chosen the wrong one today, you can always drop it and choose the other one. It’s not that difficult, trust me. It’s just your readiness that is required. The only necessary and sufficient condition is your willingness (Math reference like a boss!). So anything you choose is going to be the best alternative if you believe in yourself.

I wrote this poem which summarizes my thoughts. It seems more like a rap. (No, I am not beginning to feel like Rap God!):

Decision, better make it with precision,

Of many options, you have a provision,

Consider your ambition and life’s vision,

Whether it is to become a physician or a mathematician,

Don’t hesitate or have any inhibition,

Just do whatever says your intuition,

Because you don’t require anyone’s permission,

But my friend, there is only one condition,

Once you choose it, it must become your only mission,

Only then will your dream turn into fruition.

So go ahead because your choice is the right choice.


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