I never thought saying adieu to my friends could be so difficult. This poem is dedicated to all my friends.

Goodbyes are tough, my friend,

We prepare ourselves to face them,

In spite, when we reach the end,

In an instant, come the waterworks, bam!

So many days spent together, but still not enough,

Every day, we wish we had one more day,

Getting dragged in this swamp of slough,

Still trying to catch hold of a friend, asking to stay!

The worst thing is time which we crave,

It neither stops nor can we travel back,

We can do nothing but be its slave,

A blink can make us lose its track!

We store memories like books in a rack,

A book that was read only once and kept,

But when picked again, feels like read it a day back,

Just like it, memories come in a flash!

We have only memories while we part ways,

No matter how distant we are or even in different worlds,

We can always cherish those beautiful days,

Because we have something which can’t be taken from us!

Even though goodbyes make us shed a few tears,

They are a sign of change and new beginnings,

And make us value our friendship more over the years.

So goodbye, my friend, have a great second innings!


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