It’s good to be Number 1

‘Tis the day to be jolly (because we have only two in a week)! It is weekend and I know almost everyone couldn’t be happier. There is a reason behind the word ‘almost’.  You might think who wouldn’t be happy for a weekend? People are weird. This world is full of ‘kinds of people’ and it applies in every aspect of life. When job and weekend are the parameters, I observed that there are four kinds of people in the world. Categories are in reverse order, because it is weekend and I can do whatever I want! Sorry, got a bit carried away. Here they are:

Number 4: Hate work, hate weekend

These people hate everything about life. They hate their job, hate weekend because they might not have a reason to celebrate or people to celebrate. It is deadly to fall into this one. So don’t. I mean never.

Number 3: Love work, hate weekend

Who knew Eminem would be right about love. It is evil because it can make someone hate weekend! It might be unbelievable, but this category can and does exist, although the number may be insignificant compared Number 2. This kind is obsessive about work and feels empty on weekends. Work is their challenge and weekend deprives them of it. Saturday and Sunday, don’t feel bad, because you can’t make everyone happy.

Number 2: Hate work, love weekend

No one likes to be runner-up, yet this is the category where the majority of people fall into. These people are stuck in a job they don’t love and yet continue to do it. Friday is their savior. This kind is the inventor of TGIF. They live every weekend as their last. They would want it to never end. And then comes Monday in the blink of an eye.

Number 1: Love work, love weekend

This kind can be considered the best. They love their job, it means they are doing what they love and following their passion. They have plans on weekend to enjoy things they love, apart from their job. So for them, it’s a win-win every single day. It should be, they are Number 1. Duh!

Everyone should belong in Number 1. It is imperative that we all do, yet don’t. One must love life and not hate any part of it. So why do something for the majority of life you have left to live doing what don’t like, being miserable and desperately waiting for two days of holidays? ‘Follow your passion’ is a phrase that can never be emphasized more. Finding passion is tough, tougher to mix passion and job. We only require the courage to climb this hurdle, rest everything is easy. Almost all of us need literally a categorical shift because we know; it’s good to be Number 1.


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