Life is a garden

Spring will come and along with it blooming flowers,

Your garden will only have a few of them,

And there will be many you won’t even know existence of,

It doesn’t matter, you are never meant to see all anyway.

Not all flowers in your garden will bloom together,

Each will come at their appropriate moment in time,

Not all will stay with you for the whole season,

Some will stay long, while some will be evanescent,

Each one is different from others giving you something unique to remember;

Be it petals: their color, shape or number, or the aroma it spreads, or even thorns,

The memory from each one is exclusive and an experience,

Sometimes the most beautiful flower will be the most poisonous,

Realization comes only after it has hurt and you come to your senses,

And sometimes one with the most ephemeral existence,

Will give you a fragrance you will always cherish when you are conscious.

Only with time, you will learn what each one has to offer,

A lesson, whether good or bad, will always be accompanied,

Treasure and appreciate each flower that is in your garden

Because it will transform you into a person you never imagined.


2 thoughts on “Life is a garden

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