The way you like

Someone told me, “You have a good writing style”. I didn’t rather couldn’t actually fathom so I just thanked the person. I couldn’t because I don’t know what having a writing style means. I can’t distinguish between styles. I only thought people write whatever they have in their heart. I didn’t know people actually think about the style they want to express their views in.

We all have different styles of writing. One can be descriptive one time and narrative the other, (if at all you know such things exist!) or even a mixture of both. I don’t write keeping a style in mind. I just take my laptop and start typing. Sometimes I write long sentences while sometimes really short. Sometimes I feel like using the most magniloquent and grandiose words there are and sometimes the most lucid vocabulary there could be. So actually I really don’t know my style. I don’t know what style I belong. I don’t think it is necessary to know. I write whatever comes to my mind.

If you don’t have a particular style or just not know if have one or not, don’t fret. You might not adapt a style overnight. You build your style gradually. It’s analogous to your fashion sense at the beginning of your college and the end of your college. It wasn’t overnight, it took time. You would be able to conclude what your style is only after you have written a significant amount of posts. You might not be able to know after, too. It depends on you.

Countless writers and different writing style of each one.  Can they be categorized in just a few categories?  I doubt. And is there a necessity to categorize them into one? I think not. Why to limit yourself when you can write each post differently? Expressing views should be free from boundaries of categorization and classification. What difference it makes if you know your style to your future posts? Just as much as one divided by infinity, that is zero. So style doesn’t matter, keep writing in a way you like. Happy writing!


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