Joy of self-learning

I had a desire to learn dance since many years. But for one or the other reason, I never did. I searched for a few dance classes, but my work hours did not allow me to join one. Days passed by and I could feel frustration building up. I have given too much control to external circumstances in my life, but not anymore. I thought this was the time to test how much I learned from positive books I have read. I took control of the situation and started to think of an alternative. And I found one, in technology. I downloaded a few videos and started self-learning. This was my first experience of self-learning anything, apart from academics. It was quite tough at first, but I got a hold of it in some time. I realized joy of dancing and self-learning.

It is amazing how even a seemingly small situation can teach you things which can have a large impact on you. I know this will sound cliché but I will say it anyway: a problem remains till you think you have one because each one has a solution too. Problem cannot exist without a solution. It’s like yin-yang; both co-exist. It is only us who let the situation control us instead of us taking the control. I, too, have heard and read all this infinite times but only understood after I had experienced it. This small step of self-learning a hobby taught me that everything is not as out of control as we think. We can always turn the situation into our favour. But what we do mostly is give up too easily because we think we can’t do anything. It’s all in the mind. I could have blamed it on the situation and told myself it was not possible to learn dance along with job. It would have only brought misery to me obviously. Why be miserable when you can be happy? You will be happy when you will do what you want.  And you will do what you want when you are in control of your surroundings. And you may think you are not, but you couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you have given power to external circumstances, take that power back. And if you ever think  you are in a problem, don’t worry. You will get to the solution soon; it only requires some thinking with a calm state of mind.


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