Whose problem is it?

It’s been a week already since we celebrated the onset of this year. Everyone I know told me how time flies and how the past year ended in the blink of an eye.  Even I am one of those who never feel a year passing by. At the end of the year I always think to myself, “Wasn’t it February just a few days ago?” I try to remember all the moments of the year gone by. It takes some time to digest the fact that 365 days have gone by. Whose problem is it, ours or time’s? Time is slipping away and we can’t do anything about it. Or can we?

This New Year’s eve, I was curious why do I and many others feel about time what we feel.  And it turns out there are too many theories about it. I will not bombard you with all those scientific things here. Briefly, it’s about your perception of time. When you do something that is routine and you do it every day, even after a month you won’t feel you have done anything because each day was so alike. You won’t remember each day as uniquely lived. And after twelve months, you won’t remember a whole year.  Then comes the day to say that same old dialogue (already repeated thousands of times) and wonder how time is flying at light speed.

Those theories also mentioned a way to tackle this nature of time. If we do something new every day then we would have lived each day a bit differently from others. This directly points to a dreadful conclusion: majority of us, we don’t live, only exist. We are stuck up in our old routine doing nothing new and hence we feel time flies, ironically we don’t fathom how it passed. Why would we do that to ourselves? How many articles do we need to make us realize that this is the only one life that we have got? This one better be the last one because now you know the solution to your problem. You know how to slow time down.

2016 will be the year you tamed time. Each day will be like a new friend you hang out with. So at the end of the year, you will have 365 friends (366 in 2016), each one different from the other and so you remember all of them vividly.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t love all of them. Only criterion they should fit in is to be different. You get the analogy. I wish you have a great year with rest of your 358 friends! You didn’t realize we were a week already in 2016, did you? And neither that I wrote this for the second time in this article. Live in the present, what are you doing? All the preaching out of the window, damn.


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