I don’t want to title this one

I write less. And I have written a lot less, lately. No reason. Well, there is one. ‘I can’t think of any topic’ would seem an unreasonable excuse, so this isn’t the one. The real reason is I find my writing uninteresting. No reason. Well, there is one. Those devil numbers. Yes, I judge my writing, and in turn myself, based on those numbers. Until, one of my friends told me not to. He told me,” you write because you like to. If someone doesn’t like it, it’s their opinion.” It was like someone splashed a glass of water in my face.

What he told me was nothing new. I have known it since a long time, even before I started this blog. I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t care how many readers I get. But, with time, that feeling of attachment to numbers set in. It set heavily, so much so that I thought I shouldn’t write. Why would writers write if there are no readers to read their work? After all, it is for them, right? It’s not like the writers write just for expression of their opinions. Wrong. There are n number of writers in this world and not all have the same readers. You can be the best writer in the world and there would still be someone who doesn’t like you or doesn’t like reading at all. That doesn’t mean your writing is awful. And I would tell this to all my fellow writers: you all are good. Writing is just another form of verbal conversation. Do you find yourself agreeing to everyone you talk to? No, me neither. Do you feel the need to make your voice heard to thousands of people at the same time? No, me neither. So do you stop speaking? No, me neither.

Why those numbers seem suddenly important when your form of expression changes from speaking words to typing words?  May be because there is a norm established that your writing will only be deemed good if you have at least 39,842 followers, and most people have accepted this as a fact. And they try to chase numbers. I was one of these. Thankfully, just one sentence changed the ‘is’ to ‘was’. If you, too, give a ton of importance to the statistics, stop right now. This is bad for your writing’s health. You will always try to be funny, try to write 450 words, and try to write short paragraphs, all because these seem the parameters to gain more followers. Where is your expression here? It would be difficult to find. Write what you like, not what you think people will like.

It is funny how one sentence can make you introspect so many aspects hidden deep inside. It surely made me think. And write. From now on, I will write on whichever topic that comes to my mind, without thinking that: “Oh that, no, it might be boring.” May be, but I will write it anyway. Some might not even get it, but I will write it. Why not now for the heck of it! Argghfe wrgtj ergijrgfop  rfjrgfbio  orgfjerkg rgnrbnk efgjrgnk regjn ergnjbjv ejgnvjwrbnoi egjnwjjrejv.

Keep writing, don’t stop!


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